SAA for Teams

The mission of Scholar-Athlete Advantage includes providing several academic and community service components that will help student-athletes better their portfolio and find the right institution that fits their needs.

We offer a number of services for club, high school, and collegiate athletic teams.  Check out our club/team combine options and more!

While our individual athletic combines are designed to highlight the performance of individual student-athletes, we offer team combines and training as well.

Team combines are designed in conjunction with team management/coaches and are used to test and quantify specific metrics at the request of said managers or coaches.  Team combines are extremely useful in determining the effectiveness of strength and conditioning programs, and track the progress of an athlete’s performance over a given period of time. Coaches and managers interested in hosting a team combine can contact Chris Jones via email Chris at or by phone at 215-758-1969.  Coaches and managers may also contact Jeff Stever at or by phone at 215-280-7740.

Teams who take advantage of a team combine will complete all of the exercises administered at an individual combine but will perform the tests at a date, time, and location selected by the team’s coaches and will receive the same specific and immediate feedback from SAA staff throughout the combine that is offered at individual combines.

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