Soccer Combine Testing Challenge

Scholar Athlete Advantage Penn Charter -0104-August 10, 201850

Fundraising Event

Participating in our Soccer Combine Testing Challenge is the PERFECT WAY TO RAISE $ $ $ for your Soccer Organization, School or Township

• Scholar-Athlete Advantage will facilitate the entire event!
• You provide the space, and we take care of the rest!
• This is a hassle-free event with NO COST to your Soccer Organization, School or Township!

Enhance Your:
Practice sessions while raising money!
Tryout process while raising money!
Speed and agility training – while raising money!

Volunteers are welcome but are not necessary. Students in the community who would like to volunteer will be able to receive community service hours and a letter stating their service to the community. This could be used for the college application process.

Scholar-Athlete Advantage is dedicated to teaching children a healthier lifestyle by being active for 60 minutes a day as well as working with communities by providing “FUN-FITNESS-FUNDRAISING” events to build community spirit.

*Benefits of being active and playing together involve learning social and emotional skills that they can take with them through all aspects of their life.

Our Soccer CombineTesting Challenge is an opportunity for students to “break a sweat” and have a fun, safe environment to interact with one another through soccer and fitness.

Soccer Combine Testing Challenge

Soccer Combine Testing Events for teams/organizations using Fusion Sport Smartspeed Laser-Timed Equipment. The same equipment used at professional sports combine events.

Event Description:

Soccer Combine Testing Challenge consists of using Fusion Sport Laser-Timed Equipment. The same equipment used at professional sports combine events. Participants will run through each station while listening to “UPBEAT MUSIC PROVIDED BY OUR DJ” TO KEEP THEIR ENERGY LEVELS HIGH!!

40-yard Dash
Pro-Agility 5-10-5
Vertical Jump
Ronaldo Zig-Zag Drill (with and without a ball)
Shot Velocity

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