Scholar-Athlete Advantage is a sports, physical fitness and education company dedicated to helping students achieve success academically, athletically and personally, while building community spirit. We focus on fundraising for schools and sports organizations through our Sport-Specific Combines and Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge, provide athletic and academic support to students through our College ID Showcases, College Fairs and Community Service opportunities, as well as host fitness events for summer camps. Our goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle for students by creating opportunities for them to “break a sweat” and have an exciting and safe environment to interact with one another through fitness.

Scholar-Athlete Advantage


Scholar-Athlete Advantage has worked with students in the Tri-State area since 2016. We have hosted fitness events in conjunction with The Philadelphia Department of Recreation at over 50 recreation centers, the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association ODP Program and we have teamed up with schools such as William Penn Charter School and Germantown Academy.

Our Fitness Events consists of customized “sports combine testing” using Fusion Sport Laser-Timed Equipment. The same equipment used at professional sports combine events. Our “Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge” enables children to have fun indoors or outdoors, navigating through an obstacle course and using equipment such as Battle Ropes, Omnikin Balls, Scooter Boards, Hop Along Bouncers and much more…

*The benefits of being active and playing together involve learning social and emotional skills that they can take with them through all aspects of their life.

Another aspect of our mission at SAA is to give back to our community. We are pleased to say that we have performed community service in the Philadelphia area by participating in events such as the Philadelphia Senior Games and the Philadelphia Special Olympics Spring Games.
Scholar-Athlete Advantage is proud to say that we have hosted events for over 20,000 youth of all ages, backgrounds, special needs, races and ethnicities in the Tri-State area through our Sport-Specific Combines and Youth Take 60 Fitness Challenge!

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